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Interracial Dating (Part 1)

These days it seems like people of different cultures and ethnicity are having less trouble crossing bridges and finding true love. What was once frowned upon by many is now being widely accepted by a few, interracial dating is taking the world by storm, with some couples even being brave enough to take their love to the public. Here are a few of the cutest interracial couples that we have found and have completely fallen in love with. 

 We love these couples and so many many more as we believe that love is love no matter what color, shape of size both people are. But, we would like to launch a discussion to find out what others think of interracial dating? So, let us know your thoughts and share it would others, so e can get their feedback as well. 

Can Keeping secrets in a relationship result in a healthier relationship???

Well where do we begin with this topic? is such an abundant mistake today committed by many to keep secrets in their relationship. I can see some people reading this and being like, no not me! I don't keep secrets from my significant other. But, let me be a little in your face and let you know that you do. I'm not saying that there are absolutely no people that are completely honest in there relationship, but they are few. 

The mass majority of people fall prey to the bitterness of society or the what I like to refer to as the "random acts of Loyalty" (happens when one or both individuals in the relationship had friendships before they met the person and don't want to seem like they are going to change so they make both an internal and external commitment to the person that they are friends with that they will always hold them in higher regard- mind you this sometime also happens with family members).....There are hosts of other obvious and not so o…

Dr. Phil and Steve Harvey Offer Relationship Advice to a Guest


Casey Neistat and his wife's romantic vacation #realrelationships


Is marriage a waste of time?

Let's face it this new generation of sarcastic go-getters are not in any way interested in the act. It's almost like millennials see it as a death sentence. Is it that the example set by those before us was so bad, it completely traumatized the millennial generation. And if so, can it now be considered a waste of time? 

"What is marriage? 
Marriage is the coming together of two individuals that love each other, vowing to God and the world to spend the rest of their life together till death do them part. "

As far as we see it marriage like most things in life is an inevitable necessity. If you want to have a long and fulfilling life with someone and build a family with them, to include in that life with them a marriage to them will only make things that much more real and genuine. Most people often see it as something that make the woman feel safe in a relationship, but we think it also benefits the man and his security and well being in the relationship. 

What do you all…

Should a person be allowed to change in a relationship?

....ahh yes the most controversial of all the relationship topics. Change!!!.....Should a person be allowed to change in a relationship? 
For some odd reason this is something really frowned upon in relationships and for the love of God we cannot understand why....- so let's get this straight, a tree is allowed to grow and change, Fruit is allowed to grow and change, alcohol is allowed to grow and change, along with a host of other things are allowed to grow and change, but, how dear a person decide to grow and change (blasphemy!...right?) - wrong.....if change isn't taking place that means that growth isn't taking place, it also means you have found yourself quite a deceitful person who somehow is managing to hide who they truly are from you.

Our take on this all is this, change is a great thing in a relationship, a necessary thing as well, after all this is two people coming together, who even though they might have things in common, will never have everything in common, a…

To leave or not to leave? When is the right time to call it quits in a relationship?

Inspired by "the dysfunctional couple next door" does one know when the right time to leave a relationship is? Is it when the couple no longer understands each other? Or is it when there is a severe breach of trust for example, infidelity?

The wise old ones (that got it right) would say if it's broke, fix it! I mean isn't that what we do when a material thing that means a lot to us is broken? So, why not apply the same logic to a "human" thing that means a lot to us....we believe so, in fact our opinion on this topic is this: The relationship should not end when it breaks a bit, whether it is a break in trust, communication, or anything else, it should end when the person no longer means anything to the other. Now, this goes whether mutual or one sided, once the feeling for the individual is gone the relationship is gone. However, if it is broken, simply fix it. Don't throw it away! 

Does age matter in a relationship?

This post is inspired by a Reddit we came across - scratch that- several Reddits we came across that highlighted a significant age difference between partners in a relationship that went on to have a lot of problems, mostly as it pertains to communication in the relationship as it progressed. This begs the question, does age matter in a relationship? 

In our opinion, love is love, whether it is between someone in their twenties and someone in their forties or people who happen to be closer in age. All relationships have their internal struggles and differences when it comes to communication. It is up to the individuals to find common ground and compromise to their mutual happiness and of course the benefit of the relationship. 

But, what do our readers think? Does age matter in a relationship or is it in fact just a number? Comment below...

What is going too fast in a relationship?

Is there such a thing as going too fast in a relationship? And how do you know if you are committing this offense? Well, do we have news for you......

The speed of the relationship is actually not up to society, but up to the individuals in the relationship.Yup, that's right, you set the the question is, are the speeds between the two individuals in the relationship matched up? and does that make any difference to whether or not the relationship will work out or not? To answer these questions you will first have to know what type of person you are with, are they concerned with the speed of the relationship?,  and if they are at what speed will they like to move?, and lastly does it match up to your speed?

When is the right time for a person to start having sex?

Friends With Partial Benefits (Friends With... Benefits Series (Book 1))

So, when is the right time to start having sex in one's life? The answer to this is not as simple as it may seem. Why? Because, if it were a question of readiness, then most men would have lost it ....scratch that....given it away in Kinder Garden, and most women to their teenage sweetheart. However, being ready is not enough when it comes to considering when one's sexual life should commence. It is also a question of age, mental, physical and most importantly emotional preparedness as well as long term considerations and readiness if the "sexual act", were to lead to repercussions of the walking and talking variety! 

These are our thoughts, what do you all thin about the right time to have sex? Share it with us.....

Is it okay to discuss your relationship with your friends?

Please shut up! Do not, we repeat do not speak about your significant other, unless of course they are no longer of any real significance to you, then by all means chat away about it, (after all it's ending anyway). However, if you say you love the person and you want to keep them, and you respect them, please for the love of God, respect them enough to keep the relationship private. 

If you are running out of things to discuss with your friends, then perhaps you need to spend some time apart from them doing something cool so you can report back and have great conversation starters. 

What do you all think? Are we wrong? Or does speaking about your relationship somehow lead it to ruin? Let us know in the comment below!...

Is monotony an age old theory?

............This also works vice versa folks, relax! Every sex is bad. But really though, the way the world is going today, we all have to wonder is monotony (the art of having just one partner) a thing of the past? and if so, how do we re-learn how to properly commit to a relationship again. 

I don't know if it's fear of commitment, or if people in this day and age are just greedy and want to sample "every pie" *wink wink.....tell us what you think in the comments? Let's discuss...

A sucker for punishment! ....SIGH! (Is he cheating?!)

I once had a female friend that loved coming to me to blow off steam about her relationship that she was in at the time. She would say, she's fed up and would break up with the guy almost every evening. Sad thing is all he had to do was come to her with some sad story and lame excuse as to why he was doing whatever made her upset and she would take him right back. 

One day, she went over to his home, where he lived with his mum still (mind you we are all in our late twenties here), and she found a female thong that quite clearly didn't belong to her, asked him about it and he proceeded to explain he had no idea where it came from and it must be someone else's (funny tid-bit, this guys lives only with his mum and no one else) -so naturally she got very upset and was asking him how a size small underwear could belong to his size large mum. For which he had no explanation. 
Now, this story above is just one of a trillion that I will be putting out there in an effort to stop the…

We all need it!....Relationship advice!

No matter what walk of life we hail from we all could use some relationship advice. Both male and female struggle to understand each other and how best to communicate and understand the opposite sex.
This blog is written for those wanting some advice not based on a text book, but based on experience. It is also a great place to come learn from the experiences and advice of others, share a story or two, get a couple laughs, or maybe even make a friend in a similar situation to you. This is more than just a blog, but a community of friend from around the world, speaking seriously while getting some laughs about love and relationships! Enjoy and spread the word......I mean if you think about it the more people we have sharing here, the more we learn and grow as a community.