To leave or not to leave? When is the right time to call it quits in a relationship?

Inspired by "the dysfunctional couple next door" does one know when the right time to leave a relationship is? Is it when the couple no longer understands each other? Or is it when there is a severe breach of trust for example, infidelity?

The wise old ones (that got it right) would say if it's broke, fix it! I mean isn't that what we do when a material thing that means a lot to us is broken? So, why not apply the same logic to a "human" thing that means a lot to us....we believe so, in fact our opinion on this topic is this: The relationship should not end when it breaks a bit, whether it is a break in trust, communication, or anything else, it should end when the person no longer means anything to the other. Now, this goes whether mutual or one sided, once the feeling for the individual is gone the relationship is gone. However, if it is broken, simply fix it. Don't throw it away! 


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