Is marriage a waste of time?

Let's face it this new generation of sarcastic go-getters are not in any way interested in the act. It's almost like millennials see it as a death sentence. Is it that the example set by those before us was so bad, it completely traumatized the millennial generation. And if so, can it now be considered a waste of time? 

"What is marriage? 
Marriage is the coming together of two individuals that love each other, vowing to God and the world to spend the rest of their life together till death do them part. "

As far as we see it marriage like most things in life is an inevitable necessity. If you want to have a long and fulfilling life with someone and build a family with them, to include in that life with them a marriage to them will only make things that much more real and genuine. Most people often see it as something that make the woman feel safe in a relationship, but we think it also benefits the man and his security and well being in the relationship. 

What do you all think? Is marriage a lost cause or something that millennials need to warm up to again and prepare for in the future.


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