Can Keeping secrets in a relationship result in a healthier relationship???

Well where do we begin with this topic? is such an abundant mistake today committed by many to keep secrets in their relationship. I can see some people reading this and being like, no not me! I don't keep secrets from my significant other. But, let me be a little in your face and let you know that you do. I'm not saying that there are absolutely no people that are completely honest in there relationship, but they are few. 

The mass majority of people fall prey to the bitterness of society or the what I like to refer to as the "random acts of Loyalty" (happens when one or both individuals in the relationship had friendships before they met the person and don't want to seem like they are going to change so they make both an internal and external commitment to the person that they are friends with that they will always hold them in higher regard- mind you this sometime also happens with family members).....There are hosts of other obvious and not so obvious ways that relationships fall prey to secrets, but we are going to tackle them as we move along.

Is it right to keep secrets? The questions answers itself. No, it is not. How can one avoid falling prey to sneaky little and not so little secrets that are kept and eventually lead to the withholding of chunks of information and eventually, lies and deceit follow. It is simple really, people need to understand what it means to be in a relationship and that the person that you are with is suppose to be your best friend as well as your partner (that is, if you are serious about staying with them). It is imperative that you do not let even the smallest secrets sneak into the relationship as what can be done in a small way will eventually be done in a big way. 

Keep no secrets, tell no lies, even if it is big or small, it all makes a difference in trust and communication in the long run. It is better to deal with things when they occur than to lie or omit it and let it fester.


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