How to win a mans love and get him obsessed with you forever.

We are sure their are a lot of women in the world that have a love interest whether new or old that they would do almost anything to have love them and be with them forever. We were doing some research the other day on whether or not there are ways of making a man obsessed with you and found some of the best ways for women to do so (legally). Making a man obsessed with you is almost as simple as making a woman obsessed with you.

But one has to wonder, is this necessarily a good thing to have someone be obsessed with you? Let us know in the comments below.

Luxury places in the world every couple must visit.

Dubai, UAE

Ibiza, Spain



St. Barths

Bora Bora 

How to treat your lady like a queen.

Treating a good woman like a queen seems to have become a myth in today's world. Even men who know how to treat their mother's seem to have a hard time treating the amazing woman at their side the way in which she deserves. Narrowing down the reasons why might be easier said than done, however, what we can do is highlight ways in which men can begin treating their woman like a queen. The perks of doing this -to all the men out their- is simply due to he old saying, happy wife, happy life!

Now, let's gets started, here are some ways you can treat the love of your life in true luxury like a queen.

Give them your undivided attention and give it regularly.Spontaneously speak in more than just one love language to her.Spoil her -after all she deserves it (at all times)Demonstrate unwavering loyalty to her.Make other women jealous of her regularlyTwice a week, take over all the things that she usually does around the house.Once a week, surprise her with a spontaneous act of pamper…

Interracial Dating (Part 1)

These days it seems like people of different cultures and ethnicity are having less trouble crossing bridges and finding true love. What was once frowned upon by many is now being widely accepted by a few, interracial dating is taking the world by storm, with some couples even being brave enough to take their love to the public. Here are a few of the cutest interracial couples that we have found and have completely fallen in love with. 

 We love these couples and so many many more as we believe that love is love no matter what color, shape of size both people are. But, we would like to launch a discussion to find out what others think of interracial dating? So, let us know your thoughts and share it would others, so e can get their feedback as well. 

Can Keeping secrets in a relationship result in a healthier relationship???

Well where do we begin with this topic? is such an abundant mistake today committed by many to keep secrets in their relationship. I can see some people reading this and being like, no not me! I don't keep secrets from my significant other. But, let me be a little in your face and let you know that you do. I'm not saying that there are absolutely no people that are completely honest in there relationship, but they are few. 

The mass majority of people fall prey to the bitterness of society or the what I like to refer to as the "random acts of Loyalty" (happens when one or both individuals in the relationship had friendships before they met the person and don't want to seem like they are going to change so they make both an internal and external commitment to the person that they are friends with that they will always hold them in higher regard- mind you this sometime also happens with family members).....There are hosts of other obvious and not so o…

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