Should a person be allowed to change in a relationship?

....ahh yes the most controversial of all the relationship topics. Change!!!.....Should a person be allowed to change in a relationship? 
For some odd reason this is something really frowned upon in relationships and for the love of God we cannot understand why....- so let's get this straight, a tree is allowed to grow and change, Fruit is allowed to grow and change, alcohol is allowed to grow and change, along with a host of other things are allowed to grow and change, but, how dear a person decide to grow and change (blasphemy!...right?) - wrong.....if change isn't taking place that means that growth isn't taking place, it also means you have found yourself quite a deceitful person who somehow is managing to hide who they truly are from you.

Our take on this all is this, change is a great thing in a relationship, a necessary thing as well, after all this is two people coming together, who even though they might have things in common, will never have everything in common, and as such will need to change to accommodate the other person. And this is just the beginning of the changes to take place, following that the both people invloved would and should grow as they get older and wiser, as they learn and go through things in life together, they should GROW AND CHANGE! .....

Now, here is where it gets tricky, as the growth and changes are taking place, it is important to always see everyday with the person as a new day to learn about "How they are growing.....not going", if people make it their mission to keep abreast of that they will have an easier time communicating and understanding who they are with and how to be the best to their partners and receive the best from their partner in return, thereby resulting in a far less complicated relationship and a better life together. 

Feel free to give us your take on the situation or ask any questions below!


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