A sucker for punishment! ....SIGH! (Is he cheating?!)

I once had a female friend that loved coming to me to blow off steam about her relationship that she was in at the time. She would say, she's fed up and would break up with the guy almost every evening. Sad thing is all he had to do was come to her with some sad story and lame excuse as to why he was doing whatever made her upset and she would take him right back. 

One day, she went over to his home, where he lived with his mum still (mind you we are all in our late twenties here), and she found a female thong that quite clearly didn't belong to her, asked him about it and he proceeded to explain he had no idea where it came from and it must be someone else's (funny tid-bit, this guys lives only with his mum and no one else) -so naturally she got very upset and was asking him how a size small underwear could belong to his size large mum. For which he had no explanation. 

Now, this story above is just one of a trillion that I will be putting out there in an effort to stop the madness. Women (especially young ones with their entire lives ahead of them, really need to stop wasting time on guys that clearly are trying to waste their time and make fools of them. 

Here's a helpful tip:

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, more than likely it's not a cat!, It's probably a duck. 

Please feel free to weight in on this in the comments below, we would love to read your opinions.


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