How to treat your lady like a queen.

Treating a good woman like a queen seems to have become a myth in today's world. Even men who know how to treat their mother's seem to have a hard time treating the amazing woman at their side the way in which she deserves. Narrowing down the reasons why might be easier said than done, however, what we can do is highlight ways in which men can begin treating their woman like a queen. The perks of doing this -to all the men out their- is simply due to he old saying, happy wife, happy life!

Now, let's gets started, here are some ways you can treat the love of your life in true luxury like a queen.

  • Give them your undivided attention and give it regularly.
  • Spontaneously speak in more than just one love language to her.
  • Spoil her -after all she deserves it (at all times)
  • Demonstrate unwavering loyalty to her.
  • Make other women jealous of her regularly
  • Twice a week, take over all the things that she usually does around the house.
  • Once a week, surprise her with a spontaneous act of pampering.
  • Treat her how she wants to be treated, not how you think she should be treated.
  • Love her unconditionally, through all her up's and down's and imperfect moments -after all we all have moments of imperfection.
  • Find creative, mind blowing ways to make love to her regularly. 
  • Shower her with frequent compliments, no matter where you guys are or who is watching.
Guys, always remember, when you wanted her you went all out and treated her like a queen, in order to keep her, you must do the same!


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